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3863F637-2FFF-42E9-A6D7-7CAD94FE613CI am super excited about this week’s podcast entitled Passport to Learning.  It was a session we were suppose to share at our annual weekend for homeschooling moms this past March.  However, due to COVID-19, we had to cancel our special weekend.  Since we didn’t get to share this session in person, we wanted to share it as a podcast.

Some years our family didn’t study history or a historical time period. We traveled the world instead!⠀Well, our pocketbook couldn’t sustain real international travels when the kids were younger, so we spent the year “traveling” the world through literature, games, field trips, cooking and art.
If you are looking for something different to do next year, then consider “traveling the world.”⠀⠀Every couple of years, we would take a break from our “usual” curriculum to learn about the biomes, animals, people, places, and cultures around the world. Each month we would focus on a continent. I would then pick 3-4 counties on that continent to learn about.
We would immerse ourselves in the country we were “traveling” to. We learned about the animals, the plants, the art and music, the customs and holidays, its history and famous people. We read books about the country, prayed for the country, and ate tons of food from that country. We would even play games that originated in that country or games about that country. We would color maps and draw flags.
We even made little passports so we could “stamp” them with flag stickers after we finished learning about each country. It is such a fun way to learn geography and a great way to teach almost all the subjects to your entire family at the same time.

I will be sharing even more about how to “travel” the world in our latest podcast. In our Passport to Learning Podcast, we share how you can spend an entire school year exploring God’s creation and countries and cultures around the world.  Many of us can’t literally travel the world due COVID-19, our schedules won’t allow it, or our checkbooks just can’t handle it.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t “travel” through books, music, art, history, geography, math, games, food, science, and fieldtrips.

So get your Passport, load up your library bag with some great books, add some spices to your kitchen, and listen to our podcast, Passport to Learning.   In our podcast, we will share how your family can use geography and “traveling” around the world as the backbone for an entire year of learning.  We also give tons of examples and explain how to organize and plan your “itinerary” for the year.  As promised in the podcast, all of the resources, handouts, and books mentioned in the podcast are listed below.

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NEW PODCAST:  Passport To Learning. (CLICK HERE or find us on iTunes or Spotify)

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passport booksPassport to Learning Packet:  In this packet, you will find charts to help you plan and organize your year and each “trip” as well as the lists of resources and books mentioned in the podcast.  Links are embedded in the PDF file on the Book List handout.  Also included is a sample of our “trip”  to Mexico.

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Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time by Jamie Martin.  


suitcase books“Travel Around the World in 80 Books” (Part 1)  Article

“Travel Around the World in 80 Books” (Part 2)  Article

“Travel Around the World in 80 Books” (Part 3) Article

“Christmas Around the World” Article


Helpful Websites:

Rick Steve’s Europe:  Great website with info and videos about countries in Europe.

Duckster Geography:  Simple website for info and research

Google Earth: Tons of great info, games, videos, and live searches

Salt Dough Recipe for 3D Relief Maps


map suitcase 2If you don’t want to plan your own “Trip Around the World,” you can subscribe to one of these monthly boxes or purchase My Father’s World Curriculum: Exploring Countries and Cultures.

Little Passports Monthly Geography Subscription

Eat 2 Explore Monthly Geography and Food Subscription

Highlights Top Secret Adventures Subscription


Another great book with recipes and science experiments:  The Science Chef Travels Around the Worldby Joan D’Amico

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